macOS gradient wallpapers for iPhone

I love a smooth gradient wallpaper for iPhone. In fact, a lot of my personal wallpaper collection consists of simple gradient color changing images. The reason gradients make such great iPhone wallpapers is the simplicity and color variety. One thing to consider when using gradients is how it plays with the icons on your Home Screen. You don’t want a lot of color clash. The set today comes from the macOS Big Sur color palette. From hot pinks to rich, navy blues, this set is both dark and bright.

macOS gradient wallpapers

The following macOS-inspired iPhone wallpaper takes drops of color scattered throughout the Big Sur wallpaper collection and turns them into free flowing, soft transition gradient images. This is the handiwork of digital artist @AR72014. You can check out the AR7 curated iDB wallpaper gallery if you want to see more of his wallpaper.

My favorite wallpaper below is the fifth image, which is a deep navy to a brighter, lighter shade of blue. The color transition is extremely smooth and there is something attractive about using the same color for this gradient, but having two completely separate color experiences on either side of the wallpaper. I could see using this one as my Home Screen while I use one of the hot pink versions as a contrasting Lock Screen image.

macOS gradient wallpaper by AR7 idownloadblog blue to purple

macOS Big Sur system wallpaper gradient from blue to purple, left to right for iPhone

Navy blue to dark purple color gradient wallpaper for iPhone

macOS gradient wallpaper by AR7 idownloadblog v3 by AR7 pink purple

Hot pink to purple top down gradient macOS color scheme wallpaper for iPhone

Diagonal purple to mid pink gradient wallpaper for iPhone

Diagonal gradient deep blue to light blue macOS color scheme iPhone wallpaper

macOS gradient wallpaper by AR7 idownloadblog v6 by AR7 light to blue

Purple to blue to turquoise left to right color gradient wallpaper for iPhone

If you enjoyed this gradient pack, you are going to love these to collections from our Wallpapers of the Week gallery. We update the iDB wallpaper collection every single Sunday! The first one from our archives is a similar theme. These are the iOS 14 stock wallpapers converted into gradients, much like the above Big Sur inspired collection. Also, since everything here has been for iPhone, there is an archive link to a full set with loads of downloads for iPad.

To stay close to the iDB Wallpapers of the Week collection, make sure to follow me @jim_gresham, where I curate the collection. I am looking for your help to post each week’s new set of images. If you have any great wallpapers, make sure to send them my way! Even if you know where to find a collection of walls, send a tip my wall. Follow for mid-week downloads, previews of upcoming posts, and general banter about my current experience with the AirPods Max.

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