AirPods Max gradient wallpapers for iPhone

AirPods Max iPhone wallpaper idownloadblog AR72014 mockup

The brand new AirPods Max will be launching to stores and pre-order mailboxes on Tuesday, December 15. Over the ear closed back cans pair with a stainless steel band and opened headband in this highly stylized, multi-color pair of $549 headphones. Offering a myriad of technology, the AirPods Max behave like the AirPods Pro with active noise cancellation, transparency mode, and easy connectivity. Taking it a step farther, the H1 chip provides computational audio for the best sound experience. Celebrate the new hardware with this matching AirPods Max wallpaper pack for iPhone.

AirPods Max wallpapers

Early impressions via online reviews appear positive. While no early reviews are standing strong on whether the price point matches performance just yet, all commentary gives a positive outlook. Most shade was thrown against the AirPods Max case, which neither offers much protection nor folds up into a travel sized pouch.

Early rumors speculated the device would have touch sensitive controls, but the release versions utilize a physical button for ambient sound control, while an Apple Watch inspired Digital Crown controls playback and volume.

The above color ways in pink, green, silver, space gray, and blue are similar to the newly revamped iPad Air. Below, five matching AirPods Max wallpaper options let your iPhone play off the colors.

Created by iDB regular, @AR72014, the gradients offer incredible simplicity and a flare of color. If you like his creativity, check out the full iDB AR72014 wallpaper gallery for a long list of awesome wallpapers.

AirPods Max iPhone wallpaper idownloadblog AR72014 Green

AirPods Max green gradient iPhone wallpaper

AirPods Max iPhone wallpaper idownloadblog AR72014 Pink

Pink gradient iPhone wallpaper inspired by AirPods Max

AirPods Max iPhone wallpaper idownloadblog AR72014 Sky Blue

iPhone wallpaper in AirPods Max blue gradient

AirPods Max iPhone wallpaper idownloadblog AR72014 Space Gray

Space Gray iPhone wallpaper for AirPods Max

AirPods Max iPhone wallpaper idownloadblog AR72014 Silver

iPhone wallpaper is AirPods Max matching silver gradient

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