iPhone 12 Pro Max is one of the ‘best smartphones of 2021’ according to Consumer Reports

Today, Consumer Reports has showcased the “best smartphones of 2021”, with several different models making the list this year.

According to Consumer Reports, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is one of the best smartphones of the year. What’s more, it’s the best iPhone of the year from the various models customers can choose from. Consumer Reports says the OLED display, the 5G connectivity banked into the handset, the camera system, and Apple’s A14 processor are all the reasons the phone gets such high marks.

As for why the iPhone 12 Pro Max gets the nod over the other models, its due to the larger screen, the bigger battery, and the 2.5x zoom camera on the back.

From the report:

While the 12 Pro Max will cost you $100 more than its smaller sibling, the 12 Pro, it packs in several more hours of battery life, a slightly larger display, and a 2.5x zoom camera that gets you just a hair closer to the action than the 12 Pro’s 2x camera.

However, Consumer Reports does note that with that extra size does come some extra weight, and says it can be a bit tough to use one-handed. Still, the publication believes that, even with that taken into consideration, Apple’s biggest iPhone 12 is the one to go with.

Here are the other categories and the winners in each:

  • Best Android Phone: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
  • Best Budget Phone: OnePlus Nord N10 5G
  • Best Phone for All-Day Battery Life: OnePlus Nord N100

If you’ve tried more than one of the iPhone 12 models, which one is your favorite?