Video: Thoughts and observations after four months with Apple’s MagSafe Wallet for iPhone

First look can be deceiving, especially if you glanced at Apple’s MagSafe Wallet only to shrug it off as a pointless, pricey accessory. But spend some quality time with it and things may start to look differently. In this clip, our videographer Harris Craycraft shares with you some pretty interesting thoughts based on his everyday usage of this accessory in the past four months.

Watch Harris’s hands-on video embedded right ahead. While it runs six minutes and thirty seconds long, you can save it for later if you’d like to watch it on your own time.

I have owned Apple’s leather-based accessories before and while I haven’t purchased this wallet, I did play with it at my local store. What I can tell you from my brief hands-on time with it is that the look and feel is pretty premium. The wallet is made from specially tanned, finished European leather, the same high-quality material used for other leather cases from Apple.

The MagSafe Wallet is available from, Amazon and other retailers. The accessory is priced at $59 and available in Baltic Blue, California Poppy, Saddle Brown and Black.