The best kid-friendly iPad cases

An iPad is not cheap, but it is a pretty great way to give kids not only a ton of entertainment at their fingertips, but also educational-focused things to do as well. So while the kids are playing or learning, it’s important to protect that device so it keeps working.

We’ve put together a list of the best kid-friendly cases for the 10.2-inch iPad you can buy right now. As you’d expect, the cases offer plenty of protection, a lot of colors, and some built-in features as well. So, without further delay, here’s the list of some of the best kid-friendly iPad cases out there.

Best kid-friendly iPad cases in 2021


This kid-friendly case for the iPad is just about everything you’d want from a case for younger children. It comes in a variety of colors (which makes it easier to find just in case it gets misplaced!). It has built-in features like a handle and two swing-out arms that work as a stand. And it offers full-body protection for the iPad as well.

And it even comes with its own screen protector. You can position the case for different viewing orientations, and even a typing orientation.

The iPad case from Ledniceker is available now from Amazon in black, blue, green, purple, red, rose, and turquoise.

Buy Ledniceker iPad case for $13.98


The Case-E from Speck comes in a variety of colors as well. But, what really stands out for this kid-friendly option is its design. It’s relatively thick, offers up to six-foot drop protection, and raised edges to help protect the display and camera on the back. No built-in screen protector, though.

This case has two arms that can be detached from the case. But, while connected, the limbs can actually be repositioned to help stand the case up. What’s more, the arms can actually be used to attach the case to a vehicle’s headrest, for in-car viewing.

The case also offers microban antimicrobial protection, offering a 99% reduction in bacteria.

The Case-E is available in blue, red, gray, and aquamarine. You can buy it now from Amazon.

Buy Speck Case-E for $39.95


The Fintie kid-friendly case offers what you’d expect: a rough-and-tumble design with plenty of protection. The built-in handle is positioned at the top of the case, but it can be angled to offer up different viewing orientations. It’s made from a dense EVA foam, so it should be able to survive plenty of daily use.

No built-in screen protector with this option.

The kid-friendly iPad case from Fintie is available in blue, purple, red, black, magenta, green, and pink. It’s available now from Amazon.

Buy Fintie iPad case for $14.99

Poetic Kids

This one’s a bit more tuned for families with older kids, maybe. Not that it won’t do the trick for the younger ones, too. But it’s decidedly not as flashy, no built-in handle, and no built-in kickstands. However, it does offer up plenty of protection with its full-body design, but no screen protector.

This case does offer at least one neat trick: sound amplification. With specially-designed “sound channels”, this case will actually amplify the sound coming out of the iPad’s single speaker.

The case is designed from non-toxic silicone, and there is a tactical side-grip to make it so it won’t slip out of the grip of the person using it.

While it might not look like a kid-friendly case at first glance, it does at least come in a variety of colors. You can pick it up now from Amazon in black, green, blue, olive, navy blue, purple, and red.

Buy Poetic Kids iPad case for $14.95


Another pretty straightforward case, all things considered. No extra frills or built-in handles. But, there is a lot of protection. What’s more, the Dadanism kid-friendly iPad case has some of the best grip design out there. The case itself is made from premium soft-touch silicone, and it also offers excellent shock absorption.

The case offers up full protection for the back and the corners of the iPad. There are cutouts for the Apple logo on the back, the rear camera, as well as the bottom speaker and Lightning port. The case has raised bezels around the display and the camera, adding that bit of extra protection. No built-in screen protector, though.

The Dadanism case is available now in a range of colors, including indigo & yellow, pink & gray, brown & white, and orange & black.

Buy the Dadanism iPad case for $12.98

So there we go, a quick roundup of some of the best kid-friendly cases for the iPad available now. We’ll add more to this list over time, but if you have any suggestions of your own let us know in the comments below!