5 budget-friendly MagSafe chargers

If you have an iPhone 12 and are in the market for a sub-$35 MagSafe charger, this post is for you. Our video guru Harris recently put out a great hands-on clip comparing 5 popular budget MagSafe chargers, and we thought it’d be helpful to link to that video and go over those chargers here on iDB.

5 Budget MagSafe chargers for iPhone 12

Spigen ArcField

budget magsafe chargers

It’s an awesome name, and we tend to really like Spigen products around here, but this one falls short of the field in a key area: charging speed. With a max 7.5w fast-charge, it’s going to take twice as long to recharge your iPhone as the other 15W+ chargers on this list.

Buy for $25

RavPower MagSafe

Personally I’m a fan of RavPower products, and have had positive experiences with them in the past. Their MagSafe charger promises up to 15W of charging and I believe that it is the only one on this list that includes a power adapter.

Buy for $25

Apple MagSafe

I know, it’s not very often you see Apple’s name on a roundup of ‘budget’ anything. But at the time of posting, their official MagSafe charger is priced at just $34, so it technically fits our criteria. Anyway, it obviously also looks great, is extremely well-built, and charges at 15W.

Buy for $34

iWalk Magnetic Wireless

budget magsafe chargers

There’s not a whole lot that stands out about this third party MagSafe from iWalk. It’s fine. It looks and acts like the other chargers, and it even has 15W for the faster recharging. Perhaps its best feature is its price—at the time of publishing, it is the least expensive by a good $5.

Buy for $20

iWalk Magnetic 2-in-1

Now this one from iWalk is really interesting. Everything about it is aimed at making it easier for you to use your iPhone while it charges. It has a longer cable, by a about a foot, than the others listed  and it has a built-in kickstand that can double as a finger-ring-holster thing.

Buy for $22


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