AltStore launches public beta to quell frustrating app crashes, official release imminent

It may come as no surprise that when apps side loaded with the AltStore application after January 28th exhibited a baffling crash on launch, jailbreakers began to notice. After all, many jailbreakers rely on the platform to install their jailbreak apps, including but not limited to Chimera, Odyssey, and unc0ver.

The official AltStore Twitter account publicly acknowledged the issue a day later on January 29th, claiming that the app crashing was due to “server-side changes” and that a fix would be imminent. While many jailbreakers waited for the opportunity to install their favorite jailbreak tool again, we offered an interim fix that involved using DNSCloak and

Fortunately for those who prefer not to use interim fixes, an AltStore update that resolves the app crashing issue for apps installed post-January 28th is now available, at least in public beta form. The AltStore Twitter account announced the update, dubbed version 1.4.3 beta, with download links just this evening:

From what we can gather, AltStore v1.4.3 beta has been released to the general public so that users can at least get jailbroken again. The AltStore team is still planning to launch an official public release in the near future that will both resolve the app crashing issue above and incorporate a number of other fixes and improvements that this public beta release doesn’t yet have.

Typically, we at iDownloadBlog advise the public to avoid betas and wait for official public releases, but in this case, it’s truly a jailbreak-or-not situation. Without a working version of AltStore, many jailbreakers are unable to side load their jailbreak app and get back to a jailbroken state, so we’ll make an exception in this case for AltStore v1.4.3 beta if you need a hot fix right now.

The download links for macOS and Windows are available via the official AltStore beta web page, and while the installation should be smooth sailing for macOS users, the AltStore team warns that Windows users may actually need to uninstall the AltServer before installing the new AltStore public beta to avoid frustrating issues. This does not, however, mean that the user needs to uninstall AltStore.

As always, we’ll track the developing situation and keep you apprised as updates happen. We’re eagerly awaiting the official public release, as many other jailbreakers probably are, but we’re still excited to see that there’s at least a public beta option that the general public can now use as a crutch in the meantime.

Have you used the latest AltStore public beta to get jailbroken again? Let us know how it worked for you in the comments section down below.