You can now buy AirPods Max ear cushions separately for $69

Back in December, when Apple launched the AirPods Max, the company also listed the ear cushions as a separate purchase. However, at the time, it wasn’t possible to actually buy them. That changes today.

Apple’s landing page for the AirPods Max ear cushions has been updated to allow customers to actually buy the ear cushions separately from the headphones. You’ll need to fork over $69 for a pair of the ear cushions, so it’s not exactly cheap. However, the fact that the ear cushions connect magnetically to the headphones makes swapping them out very easy.

The ear cushions come in these colors: Silver, Green, Black, Sky Blue, and Red.

As far as delivery is concerned, the ear cushions will arrive by Friday, January 29, with the fastest delivery option. Or, if you choose the free delivery method, Apple says the ear cushions will arrive by Monday, February 1. In-store pickup option isn’t available at the time of publication, but that may change by the end of this week.

You can order the ear cushions separately right now. Do you plan on it?