The best wireless earbuds

If you’re a fan of in-ear wireless headphones, or earbuds, then we’ve put together a list of the best options you can buy.

While Apple may have just launched a pair of over-ear wireless headphones with the AirPods Max, some folks out there might prefer the in-ear style more. Luckily, wireless technology has improved a great deal and sound quality in these headphones has improved, too. Plus, it will save you a few bucks compared to the pricier on- and over-ear style options out there.

So without any further delay, here are some of the best wireless earbuds money can buy.

The best wireless earbuds on the market

Apple AirPods

Apple wasn’t the first to offer truly wireless earbuds, but it’s hard to argue that the AirPods didn’t kickstart the market anyway. These have become one of Apple’s most popular products, and not just for iPhones owners, either. (Even if they get the most features right out of the box.)

These AirPods feature the Wireless Charging Case, so you don’t have to plug the Lightning cable into the case to charge it if you don’t want to. You can set the case down on any Qi-enabled wireless charger and top it off when you need.

Apple says the AirPods have a “universal fit” and should be comfortable for everyday use. This means they have a rigid, formed design. They don’t have any changeable ear-tips, like many other in-ear headphones. They have a long stem to offer access to the built-in microphone for calls and activating Siri, and they will turn on and start playing media when you put them in your ears. With Automatic Ear Detection, when you take the AirPods out they will pause the media.

The AirPods also feature the H1 chip, Apple’s proprietary effort to help reduce latency when the headphones are being used, and offer high-quality sound no matter what genre of music you’re listening to. What’s more, the AirPods can easily connect to Apple products like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac without having to go through the Bluetooth pairing process.

As far as battery goes, Apple says you can get up to 5 hours of listening time with the AirPods on a single charge. And you can go more than 24 hours of listening time if you charge up the AirPods along the way with the Wireless Charging Case.

The AirPods are available now from Amazon.

Buy AirPods with Wireless Charging Case for $159.98

Beats Powerbeats Pro

The truly wireless Powerbeats Pro are meant for the folks out there who like to exercise. They are sweat resistant and water resistant, and the design (with the familiar ear hooks) will keep the headphones in place. They also feature Apple’s H1 wireless chip, so you can expect low latency, great sounding audio, and Class 1 Bluetooth for extended range.

They work with Android and iOS, and feature up to nine hours of battery life on a single charge. You can get 24 hours of listening time with the charging case.

Volume and media playback controls are present on both earbuds, they support “Hey Siri”, and auto play/pause when you put the headphones in your ear or take them out, respectively. And since these are Beats, you can choose from a wide range of colors, including black, Cloud Pink, Glacier Blue, Ivory, Lava Red, Moss, and Navy.

The Powerbeats Pro are available now from Amazon.

Buy Powerbeats Pro for $159.99 – $229.99

Jabra Elite Active 75t

As the Active branding suggests, these are another pair of in-ear wireless headphones meant to keep you entertained (or focused) while exercising. Jabra says it scanned “thousands of ears” in an effort to get the best possible fit, and the headphones feature a “special grip coating” to make sure they stay in even while being active. The headphones are sweat- and water-proof as well.

With the latest digital signal processing and four baked in microphones, the Jabra Elite Active 75t feature pristine phone calls. And the headphones boast active noise cancellation as well, and users can switch between that and HearThrough to hear the world around them with just a single button on the headphones.

You’ll get up to 5.5 hours of battery life on a single charge with ANC activated. You can get 24 hours of listening time if you keep the headphones charged with the charging case.

The Jabra Elite Active 75t are available from Amazon in Copper Black, Mint, Sienna, and Navy.

Buy Jabra Elite Active 75t for $149.99

Apple AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro are, well, the “pro version” of the mega popular AirPods. The design is a bit different, the case is a bit bigger, the earbuds themselves feature changeable ear tips, and these feature Apple’s Active Noise Cancellation. The charging case is a wireless one, so you can set it on a Qi-enabled wireless charger and top up when you need.

When ANC is turned on, you’ll block out the outside world’s noise for an immersive sound experience. You can also switch on Transparency mode to let the outside world in. Meanwhile, the ear tips come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The AirPods Pro are also sweat and water resistant.

The Adaptive EQ will automatically tune whatever music you’re listening to to the shape of your ear, and the headphones support “Hey Siri”. The H1 chip inside offers up all the same benefits as the standard AirPods, and you’ll get 4.5 hours on a single charge. You’ll have more than 24 hours of listening time when paired with the charging case.

The AirPods Pro also support spatial audio, one of the cooler tricks Apple’s top-of-the-line headphones offer. With this, the AirPods will give a theater-like sound experience when you’re watching supported content from your iPad or iPhone.

The AirPods Pro come in white, and they are available now from Amazon.

Buy AirPods Pro for $199.00

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Bose says it’s QuietComfort earbuds are the “world’s most effective noise cancelling headphones”. To get there, it has 11 levels of noise cancelling options. This will allow users to choose the appropriate level for their environment. And when you need to the hear the world around you, transparency mode can make that happen.

The Bose Sound-equipped wireless earbuds feature crisp highs and low bass, with “lifelike sound”. The headphones are made from soft silicone, so they should be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. And there are three ear tip sizes to choose from.

They are sweat- and water-resistant, and will offer up six hours of playback on a single charge. The wireless charging case offers up an additional 12 hours. There are touch controls on the earbuds for media playback.

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are available now from Amazon.

Buy Bose QuietComfort Earbuds for $279.00

What do you think of this list? Is it missing anything? Can you recommend a pair of wireless earbuds that you think should be included in this list?