Create and achieve New Year’s resolutions with the Dreamer app

There’s no shortage of apps that help you achieve New Year’s resolutions and various big dreams. Enter the Dreamer app that makes it easy to stay positive with daily affirmations and focus on your lifestyle goals and New Year’s resolutions. Use it to create a plan on how to achieve them and start putting it in motion. No more excuses to quit smoking!

In its most recent update, the app brought users Spanish and German localization. You can create your new habits or resolutions on your iPhone, iPad or Mac in form of a dream board, and then visualize your goals as you’re reaching them.

Each and every goal can be easily broken down into smaller, actionable steps. Consistency is key to achieving life goals, so this app allows you to create daily reminders and encouraging messages to help you find motivation and stay focused on your goals.

I’ve stopped smoking a few years ago as one go my most important New Year’s resolutions ever, and I didn’t need an app for that. But if I had one, I’m sure I would’ve stopped smoking earlier and skipped a few years of failed attempts.

Dreamer is available across the iPhone, iPad and Mac. It requires iOS 13, iPadOS 13 or macOS 11 or later. It runs natively on Apple Silicon Macs. Dreamer is free, with one-time purchases available to unlock full functionality.

Download Dreamer: Vision board from the App Store.