Totallee offers super-thin cases and other accessories for your iPhone 12 [sponsor]

If you’ve recently picked up a new iPhone 12, or plan on getting or gifting one for the holidays, this roundup is for you. Our friends over at Totallee offer super-thin cases, wireless charging pads and other accessories for the new handset.

Thin iPhone 12 Cases

Totallee’s cases measure 0.02 inches thick and weigh just 0.1 ounces, so they don’t just claim to be ultra-thin, they are ultra-thin. They’re perfect for folks who don’t really want a case, but still want to protect their phone from nicks, scratches and other damage. The cases are also branding and pattern-free, and come in 5 colors: frosted clear, frosted black, navy/pacific blue, green and clear. I really like the clear case, as it offers the most protection while still showing off the aesthetic of the new iPhone.

Buy for $39 – iPhone 12 mini

Buy for $39 – iPhone 12

Buy for $39 – iPhone 12 Pro

Buy for $39 – iPhone 12 Pro Max

Wireless Charging Pad

Totallee’s Wireless Charging Pad also has a very slim and minimal look, allowing it to blend in with any decor. It works with all Qi-compatible devices, offering fast-charging of 7.5W to iPhones and up to 10W total.

Buy for $59

Wireless Car Charger

The Wireless Car Charger mounts to your vent and also supports 7.5W fast-charging for iPhones (again, goes up to 10W for compatible devices). The vent grip mount features an automatic closing mechanism, which makes loading and unloading your phone into the charger a breeze.

Buy for $59

UV Phone Sanitizer

Imagine being able to disinfect your iPhone with the touch of a button. That’s essentially how Totallee’s UV Phone Sanitizer works. Just open the lid, drop your phone in, close it and press start. The box’s dual ultraviolet lights kill harmful germs and bacteria in just 30 minutes. It also works on AirPods, keys and other items that will fit, and it doubles as a wireless charger.

Buy for $99

Edge-to-edge Screen Protector

Sure the new iPhones have tougher displays, but if you really want to avoid the high repair costs of cracked and scratched screens, you’re going to still want a screen protector. Totallee’s edge-to-edge screen protectors are easy to apply, cover the full display, and are made to look and feel exactly like the iPhone’s screen.

Buy for $29

It’s worth noting that all Totallee products are backed by a two-year warranty, and orders over $50 ship free.