This tool lets you customize color combinations for AirPods Max

AirPods Max are hard to come by right now, with shipping in many cases not taking place for several weeks (or months). And, at the time of publication, the ear cushions for the new headphones aren’t available to order, either. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dream about color combinations.

Thanks to Rachit Sharma, a computer science engineer who put together this new online tool, you can dream all you want. Sharma built the idea around the color combinations that Ryan Barrieau ofĀ MacRumors put together earlier this month. With this tool, you’ll be able to quickly choose the base body color (Space Gray, Green, Pink, Silver, or Sky Blue), and then the colors for both the left and right ear cushions.

The tool is straightforward and easy to navigate. Best of all, the AirPods Max are displayed very clearly, taking up plenty of screen real estate. This will give you the best possible way to see the different color combinations you can choose from, without having to go into a store and try them out directly. You can see one example, with the Space Gray body and blue ear cushions just below.

But, thanks to the design of the AirPods Max ear cushions, you don’t have to pick just one color for both sides. The ear cushions attach magnetically to the ear cups, making it incredibly easy to swap them out as you need. Its’ one way to future proof the headphones in general, making it possible for owners to swap out the cushions on their own, rather than the full unit.

Apple has already listed the ear cushions on its website, but they aren’t available to order just yet. Apple says they are coming soon, but hasn’t actually confirmed when availability will go live. When youĀ can buy them, though, you’ll get two for $69.00. You can choose from Red, Sky Blue, Green, Black, and Silver.

The online tool even includes a link to buy AirPods Max from Apple’s website, too. But, one thing to be aware of: even if you set up a custom color option, that link will only navigate you to the AirPods Max landing page, where you’ll be able to buy the new headphones, butĀ not with the customized ear cushions. You’ll still need to buy those separately, whenever they finally go on sale.

If you plan on customizing your AirPods Max in the future, this online tool will help you nail down the combo(s) you’ll want.