16 great gift ideas for dogs and their humans

Our furry little friends can sometimes be forgotten in the midst of holiday gift shopping. So we decided to put together a roundup of great gift ideas for dogs and their humans. It’s a thoughtfully curated list with a nice mix of tech and non-tech items, and if you have a dog or are buying for someone who does, you have to check it out.

Furbo Dog Camera

There are like 10 security cameras I’d recommend before this one, but none of them detect barking or toss out treats. It also sends alerts, sees in the dark and allows you to talk to your dog remotely.

Buy for $133

Chuckit! Medium Ultra Balls Classic 4-Pack

Chuckit! balls are about the size of tennis balls, but being made of rubber they are way more durable. They also bounce, are highly visible and float in the water. Bonus: get them the launcher too for ultimate fun.

Buy for $16

YETI Boomer 8 Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

Made of puncture/rust resistant stainless steel, holds 8 cups of food and is dishwasher safe. Are these reasons enough to justify the $50 price tag? Probably not. But let’s be real, they probably already have a ‘regular’ dog bowl.

Buy for $150

GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4

I don’t have to explain why a remote controlled, automatic ball launcher would make a cool gift for a pet owner right? Ok good, just checking.

Buy for $150

Creative Co-Op Woof Ceramic Dog Treat Jar

I’m not usually one for knick knacks, but this treat jar looks like a cookie jar and seems like it would make for a great gift. The alternative is just a bunch of ugly treat bags laying around.

Buy for $33

Rogz Grinz Treat Ball

Hahahaha, please just buy this. Even if the dog only plays with it once, get a photo and it’ll be worth it. Sure it’s a durable ball with a pocket for treats and—ahahaha.

Buy for $10

How Dogs Love Us

I’d probably reserve this one for the biggest of dog lovers, but people seem to love this book. It’s about a neuroscientist who adopts a dog and trains it to sit still in an MRI machine so he can study its brain. Cute, right?

Buy for $20

FI Series 2 Smart Dog Collar

I know a ‘smart dog collar’ sounds ridiculous, but this thing is legit. It’s chew-proof and water proof and it tracks your dog’s steps and activity, and more importantly track them down if they get lost.

Buy for $150

KONG Tires Extreme Dog Toy

As the owner of a 100+ lab that can destroy a tennis ball in under a minute, I can say that KONG toys are the real deal. These are perfect for dogs that chew up toys quickly. Plus they can hide treats and come in a variety of shapes and size.

Buy for $15

Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Brush

This makes a great gift for those with a dog or pet that sheds a bunch. I have one and during the summer months, I can pull a toy poodle’s worth of hair off my dog almost daily.

Buy for $26

Dyson V7 Allergy Cord-Free Stick Vacuum

I know, I mention Dyson vacuums a lot throughout our gift guides. But this is easily the best tool in defending against a house of pet hair. It’s light enough to use for quick spot cleans but powerful enough to get it all.

Buy for $272

Fred & Friends Howligans Woofie

So maybe keep this one in the ‘stocking stuffers’ category, but if you can get it to work once or twice it seems worth it. You clip this thing onto your phone, put a treat in it and the idea is your pet will take the perfect selfie.

Buy for $7

Greenies Original Regular Natural Dental Dog Treats

I’m a big fan of giving Greenies as gifts. Dogs in general seem to love them and they have been proven to help fight plaque and tarter and freshen breath. Just make sure you buy for the right size of dog.

Buy for $34

Nixplay 10.1 Smart Digital Picture Frame

Ok so this one is a bit of a stretch, but hey I wanted to bring it back to tech. Besides this is one of the highest rated digital photo frames on the market so it will make a great gift regardless who it’s for.

Buy for $179

Majestic Pet Suede Dog Bed

I don’t know how to feel about giving a huge dog bed as a present. But if you’re going to, why not give the best? Recommend by dozens of experts and over 2000 customers on Amazon. Plus it comes in several sizes and colors.

Buy for $55

Aquapaw Slow Treater Mat

Ok last one, I promise. It’s a little rubber feeding mat that can stick to the wall. The really neat thing is it has little rubber nubs in the center that make it tougher for your dog to lick out the cheese/PB/etc, meaning they’re distracted longer.

Buy for $11

*some prices listed may be on discount at time of publishing

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