Apple CarPlay gains more EV charging information with ChargePoint integration

ChargePoint is an electric vehicle charging network available in various areas, and now finding a charging location is getting even easier for CarPlay users.

Today, ChargePoint announced that it is offering full integration with Apple’s CarPlay infotainment system. This means that CarPlay users will be able to see new EV charging information directly within CarPlay, allowing them to see nearby chargers, start a charging session, get directions to the nearest charging station, and much more.

The shift to electric mobility is transforming the driver experience, and ChargePoint’s integration with CarPlay is another pivotal step in the evolution already underway, driven by software and increased connectivity,” said Bill Loewenthal, Senior Vice President, Product, ChargePoint. “By integrating essential charging data directly into the vehicle’s infotainment system, drivers are even more empowered and informed than ever. With the ability to connect their phone directly with the vehicle through CarPlay, drivers now have access to ChargePoint app information right on the vehicle display. The seamless connection between the app and vehicle represents the next step in how drivers and passengers will experience mobility in the future, accelerated by the global shift to electric drive.

There are filters available for the charging stations, making it easy to choose which stations offer the best prices, the charging speeds, and more. But, to take advantage of this integration you’ll need to make sure your iPhone is updated to version iOS 14 or newer. You’ll also need to have the ChargePoint iOS app installed on your iPhone as well.

The new ChargePoint integration with CarPlay is available now.