iMazing’s new Photos tool is a must-have for iPhone owners

iMazing for Mac and Windows is a trusted app that makes it super easy to transfer data and back up your iOS devices by bypassing iTunes. And in its most recent update, out today, iMazing on both platforms now offers an excellent alternative to Apple’s stock Photos app.

iMazing 2.11 brought a versatile photo-management tool to the Mac. With today’s 2.13 update, Windows users can also access the feature — and that’s important given that about half of all iPhone owners worldwide are PC users. “Despite the huge number that this represents, Apple’s Photos app is only available on the Mac, leaving PC users with very few options when it comes to transferring their iPhone photos to their computer,” iMazing told me via email.

The feature loads photos straight from your iPhone 4x faster than the Windows Photos app. Plus, the app shows detailed metadata for each photo and video (double click an item to zoom on it and get all the details). Not only can you browse your Camera roll in some highly detailed views, but also access assets like originals of your edited photos or video files embedded within Live Photos. You can browse your media in high resolution and in fullscreen mode.

Individual items can be exported via drag and drop. And, there’s a bulk-export option with advanced options for resizing and exporting lots of photos in bulk. Those new feature are available as a free update for all iMazing 2 license holders on Mac and Windows.

Here are the key features of iMazing’s Photos tool:

  • Browse an iPhone’s photo library from a Mac or PC, including wirelessly via Wi-Fi.
  • Export your photos to your computer in bulk. Include or exclude originals of edited items, video files of live photos, all frames of burst shots.
  • Create albums on your iPad by simply drag and drop photos to iMazing.
  • Back up your iPhone and browse the backed up photo library exactly as you would browse the live device’s library.

The image below displays how this versatile feature looks like in iMazing for Mac.

iMazing supports macOS Big Sur from day one and they’ve confirmed that the app works great in the Rosetta compatibly mode on Apple Silicon Macs. “A version optimised for Apple Silicon is on the way, too,” says the company. “We’re testing it internally and will roll it out very soon.”

iMazing is available for Mac and Windows via the official website with a free trial.

To try iMazing 2’s new features without a license, simply download and install the app on your Mac or Windows PC. Browsing and backing up your photo library is entirely free.