The HomePod mini shouldn’t leave marks on oiled wood or waxed surfaces

Thanks to the design of the HomePod, many owners out there in the wild discovered it could leave a ring on some surfaces. But it appears that’s not a problem for the HomePod mini.

First, the HomePod’s issue. Shortly after the smart speaker launched, it was discovered that the device could leave a lasting mark when it was set on some surfaces. Specifically, thanks to the vibration-damping silicone on the bottom of the speaker, it could leave a white mark on oiled wood or waxed surfaces. It didn’t take long before Apple confirmed this potential issue, launching a support document for the issue.

The support document had this to say, in part:

HomePod is designed for indoor use only. When using HomePod, make sure to place it on a solid surface. Place the power cord so that it won’t be walked on or pinched.

It is not unusual for any speaker with a vibration-dampening silicone base to leave mild marks when placed on some wooden surfaces. The marks can be caused by oils diffusing between the silicone base and the table surface, and will often go away after several days when the speaker is removed from the wooden surface. If not, wiping the surface gently with a soft damp or dry cloth may remove the marks. If marks persist, clean the surface with the furniture manufacturer’s recommended cleaning process. If you’re concerned about this, we recommend placing your HomePod on a different surface.

According to Rene Ritchie, who published a video review of the HomePod mini today, Apple has addressed this situation with the smaller smart speaker. As a result, the HomePod mini shouldn’t leave a mark on oiled wood or waxed surfaces like its larger sibling. As noted by MacRumors today, Apple updated its support document for the HomePod in March of this year. However, it still includes a note about the speaker leaving a mark on some surfaces.

The HomePod mini went up for pre-order on Friday, November 6. The device will launch and start arriving to those who ordered it on Monday, November 16. It’s priced at $99.

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