Apple Pay Express Transit mode launches in Chicago via Ventra card

Chicagoans can now use Apple’s Express Transit feature to pay for bus rides and rides on the “L” train system with Apple Pay without having to wake or unlock their iPhone, or open an app.

According to the official announcement by the Chicago Transit Authority, residents of Chicago can now add their digital Ventra fare card to the Wallet app on a compatible iPhone or Apple Watch for contactless payments at train stations and on buses.

How to use Express Transit on iPhone and Apple Watch

Simply open the Ventra App on your iPhone and tap the “Cards” section, then choose the Ventra card you want to use with Express Transit. Now hit the “Add to Apple Wallet” button and follow instructions in the app to add the card to Apple’s Wallet app. The plastic Ventro card will no longer be valid after adding its digital counterpart to Wallet. “Cut up and throw away your old, plastic card—it’ll no longer be valid once added to your Apple Wallet,” notes the company.

Special fare program cards, such as RTA Reduced Fare, Student Ventra cards or U-Pass cards, cannot be added to the Wallet app at this time. Also, keep in mind that the Ventra card in your Wallet app cannot be added to more than one device at a time so best thing you use it with the iPhone or Apple Watch you wish to use when you ride.

In addition to paying for their rides, Chicagoans can also load and manage transit value and CTA and Pace passes, autoload, pre-tax transit benefits from employers and continue using the account management features in the Ventra app. Those without a Ventra card can easily purchase one in the Ventra app.