The second season of Apple TV+ series ‘Servant’ arrives January 15, 2021

Apple doesn’t have a lot of horror-themed content on Apple TV+, so for fans of the genre the only real option is Servant, a series produced by M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense).

Of course, Shyamalan has his bona fides in the horror scene, and if you’ve checked out the first season of Servant on Apple TV+, you know there is quite a bit that can potentially get under your skin as the story unfolds. What really stands out for the show, though, are the performances from its leads, including Toby Kebbell (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under), Rupert Grint (the Harry Potter franchise), and Nell Tiger Free (Game of Thrones).

Here’s how Apple describes Servant:

From M. Night Shyamalan, Servant follows a Philadelphia couple in mourning after an unspeakable tragedy creates as rift in their marriage and opens the door for a mysterious force to enter their home.

The first season wrapped up in January of this year, and now we know the second season will premiere in January of next. Shyamalan took to Twitter earlier today to confirm that the sophomore season will premiere on January 15, 2021. Unfortunately, while Shyamalan included a video with the premiere date, it’s not a trailer for the second season. Rather, it’s praise for the first season — which you can watch in its entirety on Apple TV+ right now if you’re looking for a psychological thriller/horror binge this October. Technically this is teasing the second season, but it doesn’t show any new footage from the upcoming episodes.

Deadline reports that the second season will have 10 episodes, and that they will premiere on a weekly basis, every Friday after the first episode premieres next year. Interestingly, it sounds like the second season is going to have a more supernatural bent to it:

Following its suspenseful season one finale, the second season of the thriller takes a supernatural turn. As Leanne returns to the brownstone and her true nature is revealed, a darker future for all lies ahead.

Of course, promoting praise from the likes of Stephen King and Guillermo del Toro is definitely not a bad thing:

Did you check out the first season of Servant? Are you looking forward to the second?