iPhone accessories by Totallee are now 30% off, including cases [sponsored]

Totallee has been making premium iPhone accessories since 2013. They are best known for their signature super thin iPhone cases that add an extra layer of protection without adding bulk. Today, they offer a full line up of essential accessories to help you get the most out of your iPhone. Now is the perfect time to grab some of these accessories at a deep discount.

To make room for new inventory for the upcoming iPhone, totallee is offering all iDownloadblog readers 30% off all their current products with code IDB30. This code is valid until 09/25/20.

To help you find the perfect iPhone accessory, we’ll give you a quick overview of their whole collection of essential accessories. Totallee is best known for their super thin cases, so we’ll start there.

Super Thin iPhone Case | $24.50 with code IDB 30

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These are the signature super thin cases totallee is known for. They are all only 0.02” thick and weigh only 0.01oz. They are your perfect pick if you neither want to go completely case-less nor add much extra bulk to your phone. This case helps protect your iPhone from everyday bumps and scratches and keeps it looking new. It is available in 5 colors: Frosted Clear, Frosted Black, Navy Blue, Green, and Clear. The clear case is their best-seller and offers the most protection while being virtually invisible. This is the ideal case for everyone wanting to enjoy the aesthetic of their iPhone while protecting it at the same time. All totallee cases are completely branding free.

Wireless Charging Pad And Car Charger | $41.30 with code IDB30

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Totallee’s minimal wireless charging pad is designed to be fast charging while looking sleek on your desk or at home. It works with all Qi compatible devices.

The minimal wireless car charger charges your iPhone while securely holding on to it for a safer, more enjoyable ride. The vent grip mount features automatic closures which makes using it a breeze. This is one of the easiest to use and best-looking car chargers on the market.

UV Phone Sanitizer | $83.30 with code IDB30

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Disinfect your iPhone with the push of a button using totalle’s safe UV phone sanitizer. It is powered by dual, ultraviolet lights that kill harmful germs and bacteria on your cell phone or any other small object like your keys, wallet, AirPod and more. As a bonus this UV sanitizer doubles as a fast charging wireless charger, so you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

Edge to Edge Screen Protector | $20.30 with code IDB30

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Repairing cracked screens is the worst, and a tempered glass screen protector can mean the difference between a broken phone and an intact phone. The edge to edge screen protector is super easy to apply and covers the full display of you iPhone. Once it’s on you won’t even notice it, it’s that seamless. The glass also feels just like the original glass of your iPhone allowing with zero lags when scrolling or swiping.

All totallee products are backed by an excellent 2-year warranty and orders over $50 ship free. Order now and use coupon code IDB30 at checkout to get 30% off any product on their website.