Verizon makes it cheaper to use an Apple Watch on a cellular plan following Series 6 announcement

Following today’s announcements for the Apple Watch Series 6, the Apple Watch SE, and Family Setup, Verizon is making it cost a bit less to use an Apple Watch on the Big Red network.

Today, Verizon confirmed that it is lowering the cost to use a cellular-connected smartwatch on its network. Before, the individual line cost $20 per month for access. But now the wireless carrier is cutting the cost by half, so it will only cost $10 per month. This is for all smartwatches, and it’s available for all plan types.

You can pre-order the Apple Watch Series 6 (which starts at $499 with LTE connectivity) and the Apple Watch SE (which starts at $329 with LTE connectivity) right now from Apple’s website. Verizon also confirmed today that both new smartwatches will be available to order from the wireless carrier beginning Friday, September 18, 2020.

The timing here is good news. Not just because of the new Apple Watches, but also because of the Family Setup feature. With this, multiple Apple Watches can be paired to a single iPhone. This is a great option for parents with kids, or folks who want to get an Apple Watch for an older adult.

The caveat here is that each Apple Watch that is activated with Family Setup must be a cellular-connected smartwatch. It can’t be one with only GPS inside. But the feature does support Apple Watches as far back as the Series 4. What’s more, each Apple Watch is given its own phone number, so line activation is necessary. And making it a bit cheaper is good news.