Zebra package manager updated to version 1.1.13 with bug fixes

If you use the Zebra package manager to handle your jailbroken iPhone or iPad’s jailbreak tweak arsenal, then you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that a new Zebra update is available starting today, dubbed version 1.1.13.

The latest version of the Zebra package manager, announced via the official Zebra Twitter account Friday afternoon, fixes a few bugs known to cause headaches for jailbreakers:

Citing the change log via Zebra’s official GitHub page, Zebra version 1.1.13 brings users the following changes:

Zebra v1.1.13

– Fix an issue with slow package installs due to APT wanting to download the package again.
– Potential fix for an issue where prompts for network access would not be shown on devices purchased in China.

The change log goes on to thank Odyssey Team member Diatrus for his help with fixing the aforementioned issues.

The Zebra package manager is compatible with all modern jailbreaks, including checkra1n, Chimera, Odyssey, and unc0ver, among others. If you use the Zebra package manager, then you should find this update waiting to be installed upon refreshing your sources. It is recommended for all users, as it’s not a beta release.

Have you installed the latest version of the Zebra package manager yet, or do you rely on another package manager to serve your needs? Let us know in the comments section below.