Bloomberg: New Apple TV with faster chips and upgraded remote won’t ship until 2021

Bloomberg in today’s report discussing Apple’s fall product launch plans alleges that a next-generation Apple TV, currently in development, probably won’t launch before 2021.

Aside from a much faster processor and enhanced graphics making this upcoming sixth-generation Apple TV better for gaming, the story claims a redesigned Apple TV remote will feature Find My-like capabilities, presumably meant to help people locate a misplaced remote.

Mark Gurman, Bloomberg:

Apple has also been developing a new Apple TV box with a faster processor for improved gaming and an upgraded remote control, however that device might not ship until next year, according to people familiar with its development. The company is working on a feature for the new remote similar to Find My iPhone that would make the TV accessory easier to find.

Prior rumors also hinted at double the storage for the next Apple TV.

The write-up casts more light on Apple’s fall product blitz that apparently includes an item-tracking accessory, dubbed AirTag, “which will be equipped with a leather carrying case”.

Apple is allegedly developing its own game controller for its devices, further corroborating the thesis that the next Apple TV will be optimized for the most-demanding iOS games.