Web-based Parcility jailbreak repository browser officially launches to the public

Repository fragmentation is a growing problem in today’s jailbreak community, especially if you’re a jailbreaker and you’re trying to keep up with all the latest tweak and extension releases from various sources. After Saurik closed the Cydia Store back in 2018, jailbreak tweak developers began flocking to one of the three major repository giants that still support paid packages. Otherwise, they opt to provide their own repositories to host their packages on.

Package managers like Cydia, Installer, Sileo, or Zebra can make it easier to peruse jailbreak repositories, but when using a computer or a non-jailbroken device, you might find yourself visiting a particular repository’s website to learn more about the packages it hosts. We teased a web-based utility dubbed Parcility a few days ago that intended to coalesce information from various repositories into one place, and we’re excited to share that it’s officially available to the public starting today.

As promised Parcility is an aesthetically pleasing web-based repository browser that incorporates a plethora of powerful tools. Whether you’re an average Joe looking to search through a multitude of repositories for a specific package or a more advanced user looking to download .deb files for free jailbreak tweak packages, Parcility brings something to the table for everyone, and it offers a great user experience alternative to iOS Repo Updates, which has been available for quite some time now.

In the screenshot examples above and below, you can see what the Parcility website looks like in both a desktop web browser and a mobile web browser. On a computer or iPad, the website makes great use of the expansive real estate, while conversely, it makes great use of the iPhone’s smaller – tall but skinny – display.

When you tap on a package from the Parcility website, you’re taken to the tweak’s depiction page, which looks exactly how it would appear in your favorite package manager, whether you use the tried and true Cydia, or you’re resorted to something like Installer, Sileo, or Zebra instead. The depiction page on Parcility looks something like this:

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that Parcility provides various different ways to browse packages. The home page curates some of the top jailbreak tweaks of the modern era, while another section lets you sort by repository. A convenient search bar with powerful filtering options is readily accessible at the top-right of the web page.

At least 640 jailbreak repositories are being loaded into Parcility at this time, and more will be added in the future as they become available. For users, this means a powerful and centralized jailbreak repository browser at their fingertips.

Those interested in giving Parcility a try can visit the official Parcility website via their favorite web browser, be it Safari or a third-party alternative. You can do this on your computer or mobile device, regardless of operating system and regardless of whether the device is jailbroken or not.

Do you plan to bookmark the new Parcility website? Let us know why or why not in the comments section below.