Apple’s collaboration with Gallaudet University offers students new opportunities

Apple is welcoming a collaboration with Gallaudet University in an effort to bring even more opportunities to students.

This “multifaceted collaboration” will see Apple and Gallaudet teaming up to provide new accessible technologies, career options, learning opportunities, and more to students. The announcement was made by the university proper, and you can check out a video below of Roberta Cordano, Gallaudet University’s President, announcing the collaboration below.

According to the announcement, this partnership started almost one year ago. Since that time, Gallaudet University and Apple have welcomed three initiatives to help students. That includes providing hardware to help them along their journey.

First, beginning this fall, Gallaudet will provide all students and faculty with an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and SmartFolio for iPad Pro to support their learning and teaching. Students and teachers at the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center will also participate in this new initiative.

Gallaudet will be the first university to participate in a new Apple scholarship program for students of color with disabilities. This will help bring new opportunities for our students and strengthen Gallaudet’s leadership in science, technology, and other related fields.

Students will have a variety of opportunities open to them due to the partnership. That includes the ability to build bilingual applications that support both American Sign Language (ASL) and English.

Cordano adds:

On behalf of the Gallaudet University family, I want to extend my thanks and deep appreciation to everyone at Apple. Again, this unique collaboration aligns perfectly with Gallaudet’s bilingual mission, and will serve a critical role in advancing both ASL vibrancy and greater equity for our community. We very much look forward to working with Apple. and I have no doubt that our students will benefit from this collaboration far beyond their college years.

The scholarships will be available for students who are trying to achieve degrees in several categories, including computer science, information technology, and others. What’s more, some Gallaudet students will be able to participate in an upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference. There is also a new recruitment program through Gallaudet and the Apple Carnegie Library store.