Apple tests and deletes a September event on YouTube, may hint at iPhone 12 unveiling

Apple has already confirmed that the iPhone 12 will see a “slight delay“, but that’s for the launch. It’s possible that there could still be an unveiling in September.

By most counts, Apple’s all-online Worldwide Developers Conference was a success. And with the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, Apple will probably have to do the same thing with any events in the near future. So when the company appears to test a forthcoming event on YouTube today, it’s certainly going to get quite a bit of attention.

As noted today by 9to5Mac, that’s exactly what happened. Several folks out there in the wild noticed that Apple appeared to launch a test feed on the company’s official YouTube channel for an event in September. Specifically, on September 10.

The test’s appearance on the website didn’t last long, though, and the company quickly deleted it. It’s also worth adding that last year’s iPhone event took place on September 10, so this “slip up” may not be an indication of anything coming up. September 10, 2020, takes place on a Thursday, while September 10, 2019, was on a Tuesday.

Is this an indicator that Apple is preparing to host an all-online event to show off its iPhone 12 lineup in early September? That could certainly still be the case, even if the company is already planning for a slight delay on the actual launch of the new products.