Apple’s new universal gift card could end standard iTunes card discounts

Following news that Apple’s new gift card combining digital and physical purchases recently became available in the United States, some watchers think that could also mean the end of discounted iTunes gift card in stores like Amazon, eBay, Target, Best Buy and so forth.

Michael Simon,

Now that the two stores are merged, however, that could mean the end of discounts. If a store offers a discount on a new card, you could use it to buy a new iPhone or Mac, which would represent significant savings over Apple’s usual sales.

The author provides a simple explanation for his speculative claim, saying that grabbing $250 in gift cards with a 15 percent discount would mean that one could, for example, get a pair of AirPods for $212.50, “which would be the lowest price we’ve ever seen.”

Apple’s new gift card is “for everything Apple”, including products, accessories, apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, iCloud and more.

Michael continues:

However, there are still ways stores could offer incentives to buying Apple gift cards. Target and Best Buy recently started offering their own store cards when buying an iTunes card, so instead of getting cash off your purchase, you’re getting a bonus. Apple also offers occasional bonuses when loading funds directly to your Apple ID for iTunes and App Store purchases.

Before the new gift card was introduced, you had two options: iTunes gift cards for digital purchases, like buying things from the App Store or the iTunes Store, and the Apple Store gift card, which handled purchases in a physical retail shop or via Apple’s online storefront.

Having just one gift card is going to make customers’ lives easier, especially if you’re getting a gift card for someone who doesn’t know exactly what they might want to buy from Apple.

You can choose the amount you want to add onto the new gift card and pick among five different designs. You can choose to send a gift card digitally or physically, like before. The new gift card option is available in the United States only to start, and you can get them now.