Get this amazing 100+ icon pack for your favorite Mac apps, optimized for macOS Big Sur

With macOS Big Sur launching this fall, many of your favorite third-party apps could be stuck with what will by then be frowned upon as an outdated Mac icon system. User interface designer Raven Yu took it upon himself to solve your first world problem with a custom designed set of more then a hundred Big Sur-optimized icons for popular third-party apps like VLC, Things, Adobe CC, Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, Spark, Twitterrific and so forth.

The 100-megabyte collection, dubbed Discipline, provides 1024-by-1024 pixel Retina icons that are fully optimized for the new icon style in macOS Big Sur. The precision, crispness and visual quality of these icons are jaw-dropping, as evidenced by the included images.

“I poured so much love and time and effort into these icons,” Raven said. “I truly hope you love them as much as I do.”

DESIGN COMPARISON: macOS Catalina vs. Big Sur

All of the icons are provided in the native macOS format (.ICNS) that can be opened in Preview. From there, you can select a desired icon size and copy it to the clipboard so you can apply it easily to a desired app that still features the old, pre-Big Sur icon in place.

You can make this process a lot easier by using a free app called LiteIcon or, alternatively, take advantage of our step-by-step tutorial explaining how to change an app icon on the Mac.

System icons are not included in the pack because it is currently not possible to change system icons in Big Sur. Raven spent a lot of time designing these icons so he isn’t giving away the whole pack at no charge whatsoever – he’s asking at least $4.99 for the entire pack.

That being said, iDownloadBlog readers can use promo code “idb” at checkout to get two copies of the Discipline icon pack for free.