‘The Oprah Conversation’ is a new interview series for Apple TV+ debuting July 30

With the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, many have seen it as an opportunity to get (famous) people to sit in front of their computer and have a chat. Oprah Winfrey is one such individual and now she has a new interview series because of it.

As was first reported on Monday by Variety, Winfrey’s new interview series is called The Oprah Conversations, and it will debut on Apple TV+ on Thursday, July 30, of this year. The entire series was filmed remotely and it will see Winfrey interviewing a range of people, including “thought leaders and newsmakers”. The first episode will kick things off in a big way: it’s entitled “How to be an Antiracist”, and it will see Winfrey conversing with Professor Ibram X. Kendi, who will also be speaking with “white readers who confront their own racist beliefs”.

After that, on August 7, there will be a two-part interview with Emmanuel Acho, an athlete, activist, commentator, and so much more who recently launched Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man.

In part one, Acho will speak to Winfrey about his web series and take questions from white viewers. Part two of the interview will see Acho and Winfrey dive deeper into their discussions about race in response to questions from white and Latin guests.

The founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, Bryan Stevenson, will also be a guest on the new interview series, but there is no specific date mentioned for that interview.

Winfrey and Apple are becoming well-versed content partners, with Winfrey previously releasing Oprah Talks COVID-19 earlier this year, and, before that, the Book Club.

Do you think you’ll be tuning into the newest Oprah Winfrey interview series, set to debut later this week?