Compared: Mac system sounds in macOS Catalina vs. Big Sur

macOS 11.0 Big Sur brings an overhauled interface, but that’s hardly the only major change: the Mac system sounds have been overhauled as well in the new OS. Watch these videos showcasing system and alert sounds in macOS Catalina vs. their replacements in Big Sur.

YouTube user Pomamitia created a pair of videos comparing both alert and system sounds in the two operating systems, which I’ve embedded right ahead. The videos do a great job comparing the old and new sounds as they include Apple’s names for these alerts as well.

And here’s another video focusing on the alert sounds in Catalina vs. Big Sur.

Overall, these videos which were first spotted by iPhoneInCanada give you a great idea of what to expect from the new system sounds when macOS Big Sur launches this fall.

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How do you like the updated system sounds in Big Sur? Which ones do you like better, the updated sounds in Big Sur or their classic counterparts in Catalina?

Let us know in the comments down below.