Hodinkee, the popular wristwatch website, is now an official Apple Watch retailer

There are a lot of different avenues you can go down to buy an Apple Watch, and now there is one more: an influential wristwatch website by the name of Hodinkee.

Announced on Thursday, Hodinkee is now listed as an official Apple Watch retailer. The website covers the wristwatch market, both with news and remarkable in-depth looks, for all types of watches, which includes the Apple Watch. The folks behind the website recently launched an e-commerce portal and platform, aptly called the Hodinkee Shop, with a variety of different watches available to purchase.

And now the Apple Watch, and an assortment of accessories for the smartwatch, are available on the platform as well.

At this time, the Apple Watch Series 5 is the only Apple-branded smartwatch available to buy from Hodinkee. The accessories are designed for Apple’s latest version of its popular smartwatch, including straps. However, you can also buy AirPods, AirPods Pro, and charging options for the Apple Watch as well.

Apple Watch changed the narrative of what a watch can be, and it has had a greater impact on the perception of watches as personal possessions than any other watch in history. Because of Apple Watch, more people than ever before are using watches as tools for work and for pleasure, for travel and for communication. It’s something we think is – and will continue to be – truly amazing for watches as a whole, which is an opinion we’ve shared with you many times.

The shop is put together well, and it’s built by a respected brand in the wristwatch category. So if you haven’t picked up an Apple Watch Series 5 yet, now you can choose Hodinkee as your place to shop.