You can now buy a leather saddlebag for the Mac Pro

So, you have a Mac Pro, but every time you look at the tower you can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, it would look even better with a saddlebag. Well, the wait is finally over.

As first noted by Gizmodo, Waterfield has just launched a “Gear Saddle” for the Mac Pro. It’s a leather saddlebag that will turn your Mac Pro “into a workhorse”, offering up a variety of pockets for your accessories. There’s a dedicated pocket for items like the Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad, along with pockets that can fit large headphones, the Magic Mouse, and many more options.

It’s a straightforward design, with two straps that rest on the top of the Mac Pro, and two sides that will rest against the Mac Pro offering up the easily accessible pockets. What’s more, Waterfield is including a waxed canvas gear pouch that can be removed, which offers even more storage space. The Gear Saddle is designed from full-grain premium leather.

The Waterfield Gear Saddle for the Mac Pro is available now in brown. It’s priced at $399.

Who’s picking one up!?