iPadOS 14 focuses on the experience: adds new widgets, improves Search and Apple Music, plus more

Apple has introduced iPadOS 14, bringing a variety of new features to the mix, but also focusing quite a bit on the overall experience.

Apple is focusing on improvements across the board. That includes changes to the Photos app. Apple is making it easier to browse and organize, with a brand new side bar within the stock app. This brings all the “core functionality” of the app in just the easily accessible sidebar. It makes it easier to navigate and organize photos, making it quick to drop a photo, or photos, to a folder.

Files is getting the sidebar as well, streamlining the experience. There are new drop-down menus in the toolbars in some apps, including Files. It makes it easy to change the sort order, among other use cases.

The toolbar in the Calendar app makes it easier to navigate and functionality.

Meanwhile, Apple Music in iPadOS 14 has a sidebar as well, making it easy to jump between the Listen Now and the playlists. There is new full-screen support in iPadOS 14 as well, which brings up real time lyrics support.

the new compact Siri design is coming to iPadOS 14 as well. The new results will show up in the bottom right of the screen. And now an incoming call in iPadOS 14 has a compact notification at the top of the screen. Users can tap to answer, or flick to dismiss the call. It is supported by all incoming calls.

This new incoming call feature is coming to iOS 14 as well.

Search is getting better in iPadOS 14. The new Search bar is a compact design, and searches can be started in any part of the system — including in apps. Universal search by default. It also works as an app launcher as well. Finding contacts is much faster, as is launching documents. Looking up information about places and other real world things is easier as well. It’s basically what you can find on macOS.

The Apple Pencil is getting updated as well, with support for better recognition. Scribble is a new feature that will allow the Apple Pencil to write in any text box, which can then be converted to typed text. This includes shapes, too. Handwriting recognition is much improved in iPadOS 14, allowing to double-tap to select a word or even a full sentence. Doing so will quickly allow for quick editing tools, including changing the color, switching to typed text, and more.

Searching with this feature should make not putting the Apple Pencil down an easier decision. Scribble will recognize different languages in the same line as well, with Apple’s demonstration showcasing both English and Mandarin.

There is a new “Copy as Text” option, too, which will convert selected handwritten content to typed text when pasted.