iOS 14 introduces the ability to pin conversations in Messages, new Memoji customization, and more

Apple introduced new iOS 14 features to Messages, bringing quite a few new elements to the mix.

On Monday, Apple introduced iOS 14 and welcomed new features to Messages. The first of which is the ability to pin a conversation, or conversations!, to the Home screen so you can quickly jump into a conversation when you need to. In addition to that, Apple is also introducing new Memoji customization options, including new face mask options.

Group conversations are getting revamped as well. The top of the group conversation will show all of the people in a conversation, and it will also let folks set group conversation imagery as well. It will show who was the most recent to communicate in a Messages group chat because their image will be more noticeable.

Messages will also support the ability to mention people within a group conversation (pictured at the top of this article), and it will also bring in-line replies for more granular conversations.