App Clips allow you to use app features without downloading the full app

As Apple continues to talk about iOS 14 and the future of the platform, they’ve announced another new feature we felt was worth mentioning. It’s called App Clips, and it allows you to use specific app features without having to download the full app.

Think about all of the times you’ve needed an app for a brief moment: paying for parking, ordering tickets, renting a car—there are hundreds of examples of this. Currently, you have to download the app to use its features. Then you might have to sign up for an account, maybe enter some personal information, verify via email—all to use the app for a few minutes and then delete it. App Clips solves this by letting you quickly use the app’s notable features in a widget-like experience. No need to download an app, no need to delete it later.

The idea here is not just to keep you from the chore of downloading and deleting apps, but also from signing up for new services you don’t really need. Just use the App Clip, pay with Apple Pay, and then go back to whatever you were doing. No fuss, no muss.