AirPods Pro is getting spatial audio support; all AirPods getting automatic switching between connected devices

AirPods got attention on stage at this year’s WWDC, bringing some oft-requested features to the truly wireless headphones.

That starts with spatial audio support in AirPods Pro. This feature will factor in real-world situations, so even when people move their heads the accelerometer in the high-end headphones will map the sound field so the audio stays anchored, even when you move your head. This will make sure that all of the audio remains as high-end as you’d expect, making sure the sound stays in sync as well.

It’s a virtual surround sound. Dolby Atmos is supported as well.

Meanwhile, automatic switching. With iOS 14, AirPods will automatically switch from one device to another based on the user’s needs. That means if you’re listening to music on your phone and launch a TV show on your iPad, the truly wireless headphones will switch to the new device. And if you start a call on your Mac? The headphones will switch again. Finally, if a phone call arrives on your iPhone, the headphones can switch again.

These new features sound great for Apple’s truly wireless headphones. What do you think?