Check out the Apple Watch ejecting water in slow motion in new video

In an effort to protect the internal components of the Apple Watch, a smartwatch that can be worn while swimming, Apple created a way to eject the water from the device’s speakers. And now we can see what that looks like in slow motion.

The YouTube channel “The Slow Mo Guys” has the video showing off the feature in slow motion. This is the channel’s specialty, showing off cool things in slow motion. It’s a science and technology channel, so if that’s your cup of tea make sure to check out the rest of the channel’s videos. But for our purposes, we’re looking at just the Apple Watch and how it ejects water.

To get the job done, the Apple Watch relies on vibration. The smartwatch runs through 10 separate cycles as the speakers vibrate and push out the water from within the device. It’s a cool feature to see work in real time, but even more impressive to watch in slow motion.

So I’ll just get out of the way and let the video show it off:

It really is pretty impressive to watch like this.

Have you used this feature before? If so, are you happy with the way it’s implemented?