Bloomberg: Essential Apple Park employees returning to work beginning June 15

Apple Park

On May 13, Bloomberg outlined Appleā€™s alleged plan for its employees who have been working from home to gradually return to corporate offices. Today, the publication ran a story which alleges that the first phase of this plan, though to be “very limited” in scope, will start with essential employees returning to work to the Apple Park headquarters on Monday, June 15.

That said, “most” staff won’t return to work for several months, meaning Apple Park will remain a ghost time for some time, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman said Wednesday:

From the Bloomberg story:

Phase 1 will be ‘very limited’ and workers will only be allowed in the office on certain days depending on their job, Apple wrote in a recent memo to staff.

Although some employees have been back for weeks, the Cupertino technology giant reportedly continues to strongly encourage testing. The iPhone maker has ostensibly put several different measures in place to help mitigate the risk of on-site coronavirus infection.

Apple Park employees are gradually getting back to work in phases

The reported measures apparently include requiring all employees to wear masks at all times across the company’s Silicon Valley offices, which include the main Apple Park campus as well as the previous Infinite Loop headquarters and other locations.

It also reiterated in the memo that it’s limiting how many people are allowed in buildings and other work area simultaneously, implementing social distancing, taking temperatures and requiring employees at the office to pass a daily health check.

It also ‘strongly encouraged’ staff to take on-site or at-home COVID-19 tests provided by the company before returning.

Apple will share additional details later this month.