Camera+ harnesses the power of machine learning to perform sorcery on your photos

Camera+, one of the longest-standing iPhone camera apps, has been updated today with ML Magic, a machine learning-powered feature that promises to “perform sorcery on your photos”.

Like we saw with Halide, Snapseed and even Apple’s own stock Camera app, a capable artificial intelligence algorithm paired with a machine learning model trained on millions of photos can turn drab shots into professional-looking photos, even when you’re shooting in low light.

Now a decade following its initial release, Camera+ has introduced a feature they’re calling
Magic ML. Available within the app’s Lab section, Magic ML works by analyzing areas of your photo that could be improved, then picks just the right amount of improvements.

“With one touch, you can improve any and all of your favorite photos,” developers noted. “You can even take Magic ML edits as a starting point, and once you’ve seen what it came up with, tweak the settings to suit your taste and style”.

Watch the short video embedded ahead to see what Magic ML is capable of.

Check out their blog post for the technical details of how Magic ML works.

Developers also made a point of stressing the following:

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’ve already edited all of the photos in your library, what you really want to do is improve your potential photos, pictures you haven’t even taken yet. With Magic ML, you can do just that using our new shooting preset, that automagically enhances your photos as you take them.

Like with many other features in this app, edits performed by Magic ML are non-destructive, allowing you to check the before and after, as well as revert back to the original at any time.

Camera+ 2 for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch is a $5 download from the App Store.