The redesigned Leather Loop bands for the Apple Watch surface again in new photos and video

One day ago, we reported that it appears Apple is gearing up to launch a redesigned Leather Loop band option for the Apple Watch. Now, additional photos, and even a video, of the new bands have cropped up online.

The photos and video were shared by Vietnamese site (via MacRumors), giving us a pretty clear look at what definitely appears to be a major redesign to the Leather Loop band for Apple’s smartwatch. The new bands will come in colors like hot pink, red, blue, black, and brown. Some of the loops even have different accent colors. The bands appear to have more defined ridges along the bands compared to the original Leather Loop option.

You’ll still find the “Natural Leather” badge on the band itself, along with the same cowhide logo as well. So nothing is changing there.

The Leather Loop bands that have are all 44mm in size. However, the earlier leak suggests there will be a 40mm option as well, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The new band will also close magnetically, rather than with a loop-style closure, so this could be a noteworthy change for fans of the original closing style.

It’s safe to say that these new bands do look far more casual than the current Leather Loop option. This could be Apple’s way of trying to get more people to buy the $99 band option, along with the inclusion of a more waterproof design. This would make the Leather Loop a better band for more activities.

There is no word on when these new Leather Loop bands will see the light of day. However, it has been suggested that we could see them launch sometime in June, so if that is the case we don’t have long to wait.

Based on the images and video shared today, what do you think? Will you be picking up the new Leather Loop band depending on price? Let us know in the comments below!