Customize your iPhone’s Home Bar without bounds with myBar

If your iPhone doesn’t have a Home Button, then it probably has a Home Bar instead. The Home Bar provides a convenient pathway for accessing the Home Screen, App Switcher, Reachability, and other imperative things, but one thing Apple appears to have left out is customization.

Enter myBar, a newly released jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Sirius24 that introduces extensive options for customizing the Home Bar’s aesthetics. And if that didn’t sound exciting enough, it should be noted that myBar offers enough configuration out of the box to appease picky minimalists or even the most extreme of interface tinkerers.

If you’re still reading this at this point, then you’re probably interested in learning what myBar can do for you. In a nutshell, it offers the following customizations:

  • Colors – colorize the Home Bar to anything besides the stock color.
  • Borders – create a custom border around your Home Bar.
  • Glows – Add a stylish underglow to the Home Bar.
  • Shapes – give the Home Bar an entirely new shape.
  • Sizes – customize the size of your Home Bar.
  • Animations – make your Home Bar stand out with custom animations.
  • And much more…

As you might come to expect, myBar adds a dedicated preference pane to the Settings app once installed where you can configure a plethora of options:

Here, you can:

  • Toggle myBar on or off on demand
  • Use gradients instead of solid colors for colorization
  • Configure a primary Home Bar color
  • Configure two separate gradient colors
  • Adjust the corner radius of your Home Bar
  • Adjust the Home Bar’s height and width separately
  • Enable Home Bar borders
  • Display only the border and hide the actual Home Bar
  • Configure a border color
  • Configure a border width
  • Enable an underglow for your Home Bar
  • Choose an underglow color
  • Adjust the span of the glow radius
  • Enable custom Home Bar shapes
  • Choose a shape and select standard or small sizing
  • Enable Home Bar animations
  • Customize the background and border colors to be used in animations
  • Adjust the animation duration

The developer provides a Respring button at the top-right of the preference pane so that you can save any changes you make on demand.

If the stock Home Bar aesthetic just isn’t cutting it for you, then we’d advise giving myBar a try. The tweak is available for $1.19 from the Packix repository via your preferred package manager and supports jailbroken iOS 12 and 13 devices.

Do you plan to customize your pwned iPhone’s Home Bar with myBar? Let us know in the comments section below.