Check out this concept for a thin iPad Pro sleeve that’s also a desk pad

There are a lot of options when it comes to finding a sleeve or case for the iPad lineup, including the iPad Pro (there are even cases to protect your iPad when it’s already in a case!), but this latest concept envisions a pretty minimal — and yet very exciting — design.

The very short concept video was shared on Reddit by user “fromnedrelo”, or Scott Nedrelow, which he describes as a “folio sleeve” — that is also a desk pad. The concept relies on magnets, which is already a pretty great design, and according to Nedrelow there are 62 magnets around the edge. The result is a very clean look, with the magnets hidden inside the material, and making it possible to enclose the iPad Pro snugly inside.

And, speaking of the material, Nedrelow says this concept features a pair of merino wool felt layers. When the sleeve is closed it’s about 5mm thick, which is billed as a “good dense protective pad”. And when the case is opened, it can serve as a desk pad on the go:

As of 20 hours ago, the creator says this is the third prototype and so far everything is going well, saying it’s “basically ready”. Unfortunately there’s no word on when this might be ready to buy. Nedrelow says that he’s still working on pricing due to the fact he makes everything used for the sleeve. He’s also working on sourcing the magnets and still working on the right strength for the magnets as well.

Check it out in the video below:

Been working on this from r/ipad

This is an awesome idea. It’s simple enough, and yet adds protection when the sleeve is enclosed around the iPad for when you’re traveling. Yes, it also looks a little like a ravioli when it’s closed — which is absolutely not a negative.

Here’s hoping this launches soon. What do you think of the design? Would you pick this up? Let us know in the comments below!