HTC’s new truly wireless headphones are a clone of Apple’s AirPods

Apple is not unfamiliar with other companies taking cues from its devices, but when it’s a company like HTC‘s certainly noteworthy.

The above image is not of Apple’s AirPods, and the charging case, painted black. No, that’s a new pair of truly wireless headphones from HTC, a company that has been making smartphones and accessories¬†for years, and should probably know better. As reported today by¬†Android Police, the HTC U Ear (which is not a great name!), these new headphones have recently passed through regulatory agencies in the United States and in Taiwan, signaling a launch in the near future.

The most striking part of the U Ear is the fact they look so much like Apple’s AirPods. You’ve got the rounded eartip bud that’s just one piece with the rest of the headphone, a glossy plastic design, and a lengthy stem. The primary difference here is HTC’s are black, and Apple’s are white — but it’s possible HTC could launch additional colors at some point in the future.

The charging case for the U Ear is similar in design to Apple’s charging case for the AirPods, but there is a big difference in design. Unlike Apple’s effort, which opens from the top hatch, HTC’s option opens like a ring box. It will also feature a USB-C port for wired charging, unlike the Lightning port on the AirPods charging case.

It is certainly not unheard of for a company, especially of HTC’s size, to launch truly wireless headphones. But to use the AirPods design so shamelessly isn’t great! But hey, maybe they’ll sound great, right?