The Apple TV app now offers film selections from the AFI Movie Club

If you are a fan of classic films, and want to have some highly-regarded creative types select your next movie to watch, the AFI Movie Club app might be something to consider checking out.

According to Variety, Apple has added the American Film Institute’s Movie Club app to the Apple TV app. This will make it easier to stream the titles available on the platform. Right now, the AFI Movie Club app is hoping to offer some great entertainment during lockdown as the coronavirus pandemic continues, touting the selections as “movies to watch together while we’re apart”.

The very first selection for the service was The Wizard of Oz, which was hand-picked by legendary director Steven Spielberg (JawsE.T.).

The AFI Movie Club isn’t just for classic films, though, even though there are plenty to choose from. For instance, as noted in the original report, today’s pick is Spartacus from 1960 and starring Kirk Douglas. It’s available to buy for $14.99 or rent for $3.99. And, as is par for the course, if one of the films selected by the AFI Movie Club is available to stream on a different platform, like Hulu, it will show the option to watch it there as well.

AFI Movie Club isn’t another streaming service you’ll fork over a monthly fee to access. It’s just a service that offers up selections for films to watch. However, it spices things up with family-friendly discussions, fun facts about the films, and content from the AFI Archive. It’s a great service for fans of films. You can support the American Film Institute if you’re interested, though.

The AFI Movie Club is available through the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, select Samsung and LG smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV devices, and Roku.