iPhone 12 may see mass production delayed by a month, but will reportedly still launch this year

Another day, another rumor regarding Apple’s plans for mass production for its upcoming iPhone 12 lineup.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal on Monday, Apple’s plans for mass production for the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup is delayed by a month. Unsurprisingly, the report indicates that the reason behind the shift is the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic. What’s more, this new report adds that, due to the same circumstances, Apple is going to slash the overall number of iPhones it manufacturers in the second half of this year by upwards of 20 percent.

The report indicates that Apple still plans on launching the iPhone 12 lineup before the end of 2020, though. And a delay to mass production by a month may not actually impact Apple’s plans to launch the new devices sometime in September. However, it could, which means we could see at least some models of the iPhone 12 family launch sometime after September.

Now, for those keeping track of all this, we’ve heard similar grumblings in the past. The go-to theory at this point from a lot of analysts is that Apple is going to stagger its iPhone 12 launch later this year. Just this month, for instance, we reported that Apple’s mmWave 5G iPhones could see a “potential delay risk”, and they may launch a little later than planned. And, before that, it was reported that Apple is already making plans to stagger its 5G iPhone launches later this year.

As far as what we’re expecting to see later this year, it should be four new 5G-enabled iPhones. One model will boast a 5.4-inch display, while two will rock 6.1-inch screens. The biggest of the family will be a 6.7-inch model. Each of the new models will reportedly boast flatter edges and OLED displays, as well as general improvements across the board to the likes of the A-series processor under the hood, the camera systems, and more.

We may just have to wait a bit longer to see all of the options Apple has to offer later this year.