Apple Watch designer shares development details on device’s five year anniversary

It has been five years since Apple first launched its smartwatch, the Apple Watch, and effectively took over the market.

Now, designer Imran Chaudhri has shared a variety of details regarding the design of the first-generation Apple Watch. The designer helped create a variety of different Apple products over the years, and the OG Apple Watch is one of them. Chaudhri shared the details on Twitter recently, as was first reported on Friday by TechCrunch.

There are a lot of details here, all of which are pretty exciting from a design perspective. Especially as it relates to the original product and to see how it compares with the final design, and, even more so, with the current Apple Watch Series 5 product that’s on store shelves right now. For instance, Chaudhri showcased the design for the original Home screen, which was a circular shape reminiscent of a standard watch.

Apple called the Digital Touch feature “Electronic Touch”, and Apple described it as a “new form of emotional connection”.

Chaudri and designers used a 6th-generation iPod nano to replicate the original Apple Watch, even strapping it to a band to show off how the device might work with Siri and Notification Center.

Chaudri’s feed has a lot of incredible details to go through, and it’s absolutely worth a look. One other interesting bit, though, is that the designer created the solar watch face in an effort to help Muslims observing ramadan to quickly see the position of the sun:

Be sure to go check out Chaudri’s Twitter account for more.

Did you own the original Apple Watch? If so, what did you think of Apple’s original smartwatch? Did it make you a lifelong fan? Let us know in the comments.