Porsche debuts Apple CarPlay-equipped radios for classic models

Apple CarPlay isn’t as widely available as it probably should be by now, but that problem is slowly getting fixed. Porsche is doing its part to help out, at least for vintage models anyway.

On Thursday, April 23, Porsche debuted (via TechCrunch) brand new Apple CarPlay-equipped radios designed for its older models — going as far back as supporting models from the 1960s, in fact. The potential downside here is that the new radios are only available in Europe right now. As far as options go, there is a 1 DIN size that’s a perfect fit for the Porsche models outfitted with a narrow-format radio standard (like the Porsche 911), and a 2 DIN size that fits the more recent 986 and 996 models. The latter option will fit larger radio sizes.

As far as pricing is concerned, customers are looking at forking over 1350 euros for the 1 DIN variant, and 1520 euros for the 2 DIN option.

The 1 DIN and 2 DIN CarPlay-equipped radios for vintage Porsches are available to buy now.

Both units are available from Porsche dealers and represent the German automaker’s stance keeping vintage Porsches on the road as long as possible. With these units, owners can retrofit vehicles to have the convenience of the latest technology. Automakers have long offered parts for classic cars but few are bringing modern connectivity to the driver.

So, touchscreens in vintage Porsches. Sure, this brings current-generation technology into aging vehicles, but is this something that most classic Porsche owners want? Maybe! What do you think of the idea? Let us know in the comments if you’d put a touchscreen radio in your classic Porsche if given the chance.