90+ best free books in the Apple Books app

It’s not unusual to run out of things to do when you’re stuck at home. Between movies, games, and idle chit-chat, there comes a time when you need something new to keep you entertained. The Books app on both Mac and iOS offers up a terrific selection of books. And the nice thing is, many great ones are available for free!

To help you through this difficult time, we’ve assembled a list of the top free books you can read in the Books app, in a variety of categories, for both adults and kids. Download a few, even if you don’t read them right away, and immerse yourself in something other than boredom.

Best free books on Apple books

The top free Books app novels, stories, and books

Here are the categories of free books and the top five in each. Keep in mind that all of these books were free at the time of this writing, but that is subject to change.

Biographies and Memoirs

We’ll start off our list with the top free books in the Biographies and Memoirs section for those who love to read about others:

Business and Finance

For tips, help, and learning more about business and personal finance, check out this collection of top free books:

Comics and Graphic Novels

If you enjoy comic books and graphic novels, then here are your top five free books in this category:

Computers and Internet

Apple’s user guides and manuals are the tops for Computers and Internet, but here are some other books to check out in this category:

Cookbooks, Food, and Wine

Whether you’re new to cooking or just want something different in the kitchen, take a look at these tasty books:

Fiction and Literature

Sometimes nothing beats a great novel. And you’ll find some of the best at the top of this category of Apple Books Classics:

Health, Mind, and Body

For your well-being, self-improvement goals, or mental health, there is a nice mix at the top of the Health, Mind, and Body category:


You don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy an interesting book about past events. Take a look at these terrific History books:


Entertain your child by encouraging their reading habits or read stories to them for some quality time:

Mysteries and Thrillers

If your favorite book genres include mysteries and thrillers, then check out these enthralling reads:


Ready for a little nonfiction? Here’s what you’ll find at the top of the Books app in this category:

Politics and Current Events

There’s no getting away from Politics and Current Events; take a look at what tops the charts in this category:

Religion and Spirituality

If you enjoy reading about Religion and Spirituality, you might like to spend some time with one of these free books:


Need a little more romance in your life? Grab a glass of wine and one of these love-filled books:

Sci-Fi and Fantasy

If you’re in the mood for a bit of science fiction or fantasy, then pick up one of these top books:

Sports and Outdoors

Maybe you can’t spend a lot of time with sports or in the outdoors, but you can still read about it:

Travel and Adventure

While travel may be off the table for a bit, you can check out these top Travel and Adventure books in the meantime:

Young Adult

Young adults have a category all their own in Apple Books. Take a look at these great reads:

Apple device guides

For a quick reference, don’t forget that Apple Books has guides for your devices. Here are several common ones, and you can check out the Apple collections for other devices and OS versions:

More often than not, there’s nothing better than sitting down and relaxing with a good book. And right now, when we are all stuck in the house, these books might be just the tickets to “get away” for a bit. Best of all, remember, they’re free!

If there’s a book in the Apple Books app that you’d like to recommend and it’s available for free, please do leave us a comment below!