YouTube Music is rolling out an Explore tab to make discovering new music even easier

Being able to find and listen to the music you already know and love is an important aspect of streaming services, but so is discoverability of new tracks and artists you might like. And YouTube Music is adding a new tab to help with that.

Announced on Tuesday, YouTube Music is now rolling out a brand new “Explore” tab that is built to make discovering new music even easier. The YouTube Music team says that the new tab is rolling out beginning today, but it will take a few weeks before all YouTube Music users out there in the wild will be able to use it. It will replace the current “Hotlist” section, so if you’ve grown attached to that it might be a good time to start saying your goodbyes.

The Explore tab will include new music, including singles, album releases, and music videos. This will be built around each user’s listening history, so hopefully the Explore tab will be a great way for individuals to find new music from artists they actually enjoy but haven’t discovered quite yet. There will also be a Mood & Genres area to help users find the perfect playlist based on their current mood or genre preference. That includes being able to find music to exercise to, relax, and more.

Per the announcement today:

The Explore tab is yet another way YouTube Music is dedicated to guiding users through the vast world of music, from official songs and albums to deep cuts, live performances, remixes, and more. For music lovers who are looking for the latest and greatest or that perfect playlist to match the moment, the Explore tab is the perfect place to start!

The new Explore tab will continue to evolve over time, and it will be expanding to the web player in the near future as well.

Depending on how well it works, the new tab sounds like it will be a solid way for YouTube Music users to find new tracks and artists they’ll enjoy. This could be an important change for the music streaming service, and it comes hot on the heels of the service launching song lyrics support not too long ago. And YouTube itself rolled out an Explore tab last month.

Do you subscribe to YouTube Music? If so, are you looking forward to checking out the new Explore tab when it arrives? Let us know in the comments below!