Dell Mobile Connect will now let you mirror your iPhone to a Windows PC

It has been only a couple of months since we last heard about Dell’s plans to let Windows PC owners mirror their iPhones on their desktop, but now the feature has arrived.

Today, Dell has updated its Dell Mobile Connect app for Windows to support iOS. With the update, the app will now let iPhone owners wirelessly transfer photo and video files to/from the Windows PC and iPhone, but also wirelessly mirror the phone to the computer as well. But that’s not all.

The updated app will also make it possible for iPhone owners to read notifications from the iPhone, send/receive text messages, search their contacts list, and make phone calls. That basically puts it on par with what Apple brings to the table with the stock ecosystem. So while it might not be enough to make a Mac user switch to a Windows PC, it’s certainly a boost for supported Dell PC owners who also have an iPhone.

As far as device support goes, the Dell PCs need to be 2018 or newer, and they must have Bluetooth. Dell’s range of computers that support version 3.0 of the Dell Mobile Connect app are the Inspiron, XPS, G Series, and Vostro. The Alienware lineup is also supported.

Dell Mobile Connect is available now.