iOS 14’s Find My rumored to gain augmented reality mode and new location triggers

Apple's new Find My app helps users find lost devices

Apple is planning to implement a pair of interesting improvements to its Find My software on iOS 14, including augmented reality mode and new location triggers.

This is based on code strings that 9to5Mac uncovered from early iOS 14 code.

AR mode

iOS 14’s Find My app allegedly supports augmented reality headsets because the ARKit augmented reality framework includes headset mode in the upcoming software update.

Using the new Find My app in iOS 13

“Users will be able to locate visually using augmented reality for more precise directions from close locations, including upcoming Apple AirTag device trackers,” reads the article.

Find My time and place alerts

Find My on iOS 14 will also provide a new option to receive an alert when a user who’s sharing your location with you doesn’t arrive at a specific location at a scheduled time of day. Currently in iOS 13, Find My supports notifications for when someone arrives at a location so the new location triggers should be especially useful to parents tracking their kids’ whereabouts.

The new alert options will also include being notified when a contact leaves a location before a set time. For example, you can be notified if you expect your child to be at school or a friend’s house until a specific time of day and they leave early.

These new location alerts can be customized to specific days of the week.

Create Notification in Find My on iPhone

You’ll even be able to notify contacts based on their own location.


As you probably have figured out by now, Apple with the iOS 13.0 software update has combined the separate Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps into a single new app, called Find My, that merges device tracking and location sharing capabilities.

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